“Next up, we’re going to go to the Department of the Interior. Inside this building is a wonderful treasure – it’s called The Indian Craft Shop.”

                       Lynette Jennings, Home Design Show, Discovery Channel


“The room is filled with the kind of carefully selected Indian crafts you might expect to find in a prestigious gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. Instead it’s in the middle of Washington, D.C.”

                       Southern Living Magazine


“Hidden Gem in D.C.”

                       American Style Magazine


“Surrounded by six stories on three sides, the American Indian Sculpture Garden is an artistic oasis in a building with a history of art.”

                       Indian Country Today

"Special store, special people. In 1981 I visited this store to buy gifts to take to an official trip to visit Russian scientists. The items I gave were much appreciated by the Russians and I felt glad to be able to give something truly American."
"I learned from my mother that she and her mother loved to shop here. My grandmother's silver bracelets and earrings, purchased in this shop, I have today. I live in Iowa now, but each year when I visit Washington, The Indian Craft Shop is on my agenda. Beautiful objects! (Des Moines, IA)"
" 'Ya tah hey Shi-kis.' Keep up the good work. Beautiful shop here. Lots of good selection. Very nice people here too. (Dine Nation, AZ)"
"Third generation to shop here. My grandmother & mother shopped here since 1940's.
"What a wonderful place to visit on a rainy day! Even the sculpture garden. Your selections are stunning and the work excellent. (Teler, PA)"
"I have been coming here since I was sixteen. Both of my daughters have been here. I am now 56. It is truly the highlight of my trip to DC."