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Jan 2018 Happy New Year | No Saturday Hours In January | Winter News
Feb 2018


Mar 2018 Indian Craft Shop eNews | Spring is in the air! | Open this Saturday!
April 2018 Indian Craft Shop eNews | LOTS NEW | OPEN THIS SATURDAY
May 2018 Indian Craft Shop eNews | Artie Yellowhorse Show | Open This Saturday | Beauty All Around Us
June 2018 Indian Craft Shop eNews | George Willis Show | Open This Saturday | Happy Father's Day!
July 2018 Indian Craft Shop eNews |We are Open this Saturday! Summer Sale Time!
August 2018 Indian Craft Shop eNews | We are Open this Saturday!
Jan 2017

Happy New Year | What's New in the Shop and Online

Feb 2017 Ride On In! It's Winter Sale Time: February 13-24, 2017! WinterSale
Apr 2017

Spring is in the Air

May 2017 We Welcome May - Happy Mother's Day May 14th
May 2017

New Look and Reminder | Artist Show Starts May 19th

Jun 2017 Pollinators in American Indian Art
Jul 2017

Indian Craft Shop Summer Sale Starts July 10th

Jul 2017

Indian Craft Shop Summer Sale Goes Through July 21st

Aug 2017

Art in the Summer | Indian Market

Sep 2017

Art in the Fall | Open Saturday, September 16

Oct 2017

October is Here and It's Show Time at The Indian Craft Shop

Nov 2017

Recognize Veterans and Native American Heritage | Give Thanks

Dec 2017

Holiday Shopping | Turquoise & Jewelry Show | Open Saturday December 16th

Dec 2017

The Indian Craft Shop Enews | The Indian Craft Shop Enews | Open this Saturday! |Turquoise & Jewelry Show

Feb 2016 The Indian Craft Shop will liquidate (yet still promote) the majority of its books and publications
Feb 2016 Annual Winter Sale: February 16-26, 2016 - Our Way to Say Thanks!
Mar 2016 Congratulations to All Award Winners at the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market!
Apr 2016 April is Here. What's New Online and in the Shop?
May 2016 Happy Mother's Day
May 2016 Artie Yellowhorse Trunk Jewelry Show - May 11 and 12 and Terry O'Brien with Her Beaded Amulet Bag Necklaces May 12
Jun 2016

Highlighting Pollinators in American Indian Art June 13-24, 2016
In recognition of National Pollinator Week (June 20 - 26, 2016)

Jun 2016 Three Reminders - Indian Craft Shop is Open June 18th, Father's Day is June 19th, our 15% on any Pollinators related item continues through June 24th
Jul 2016

July is here! It's time or summer art shows, festivals, pool time, vacations and...our SUMMER SALE!

Jul 12, 2016 Summer Sale Begins Wednesday, July 13th and We're Open This Saturday
Aug 2016

SWAIA Sante Fe Indian Market

Sep 2016 The Fall Season is a Great Time to Make a Change
Oct 2016

Welcome October

Oct 13, 2016 Artie Yellowhorse (Navajo) and Terrill Hooper O'Brien (Mohawk)
October 14- 15, 2016 (Friday and Saturday!)
Nov 2016

Come On In and Meet & Greet Guest Artists - Friday and Saturday, November 18th and 19th!

Dec, 2016 Holiday Shopping and December Guests
Jan 2015 Annual Sale: February 20-21, 2015 - Our Way to Say Thanks!
Mar 2015 Come on in and join us while we all celebrate the arrival of spring!
Apr 2015 Mother's Day, Guest Artists, and New Arrivals From Our Spring Buying Trip
May 2015 Artie Yellowhorse, Glendora Fragua and Terrill O'Brien - Jewelry, Pottery and Beaded Amulet Bags
Jun 2015 20% discount on any item related to Pollinators / Father's Day
Jul 2015 Summer Sale
May 2015 Guest Artists This Friday and Saturday, May 15 & 16
Aug 2015 What's New in the Shop?
Sep 2015 Congratulatoins to all of the 2015 Santa Fe Indian Market Award Winners
Oct 2015 Meet and Greet Artie Yellowhorse at the Shop Wednesday, October 14th
Nov 2015 November is National Native American Heritage Month
Nov 2015 November 18 - 21 - NAVAJO RUG SHOW with Special Guests November 20 & 21
Dec 2015 20% Sale Dec 16-24, 2015
Jan 2014 Annual Sale: January 15-24, 2014 - Our Way to Say Thanks!
Feb2014 We Wish You a Happy Valentine's Day!
This is a Great Time to Share Your Love of American Indian Art!
Apr 2014 We Welcome Spring!
May2014 Welcome May - Just Back From the IACA Market
Jun 2014 We Welcome Summertime
Jul 2014 What's Going On At the Shop and Online
Aug 2014 Summer Sale
Oct 2014 Meet and Greet Artie Yellowhorse at the Shop
Nov 2014 National Native American Heritage Month
Nov 2014 Happy Thanksgiving
Dec 2014 Happy Holidays - Open Third Saturday, December 20, 2014
Jan 15, 2013 Flags and Eagles in American Indian Art
Feb 11, 2013 Annual Sale / Valentine's Day
Mar 26, 2013 Be Sure to Enter our "Reasons" Prize Drawing
Apr 15, 2013 New Arrivals of Joe Ben Jr. Sand Paintings
May 14, 2013 Artie Yellowhorse Designs Jewelry Show
Jun 13, 2013 Father's Day / Pollinators Depicted in American Indian Art
Jul 9, 2013 Summer Sale / Terry O'Brien (Mohawk)
Sep 4, 2013 Celebrating 75 Years
Sep 17, 2013 Anniversary Celebration Dates
Nov 6, 2013 In Recognition of National Native American Heritage Month: Celebrate
the Arts
Nov 13, 2013 Meet Our Guest Artists in the Store
Dec 3, 2013 Mark Your Calendars: We Welcome Shane Hendren, Guest Artist,
December 12 and December 13
Dec 11, 2013 Meet Shane Hendren, Guest Artist this Thurday and Friday, December
12 and December 13
Dec 20, 2013 Reminder: Open Third Saturday of December ... the 21st
Mar 15, 2012 Spring is Arriving
Apr 19, 2012 Earth Day is Here
May 8, 2012 Meet Artists: Terry O'Brien, Victoria Mitchell, Artie & Gloria Yellowhorse
Jun 12, 2012 Meet Authors: Dr. Gregory, Schaaf & Bille Hougart
Jul 18, 2012 The Indian Craft Shop Has Moved
Aug 14, 2012 A Summer Sale
Sep 25, 2012 What's New in the Shop / Meet Artie & Gloria Yellowhorse
Nov 13, 2012 Guest Artists in November:    Marian Hansson (Kiowa)
                                           Terrill Hooper O'Brien (Mohawk)
                                           Kathy Elk Woman Whitman
                                                 (Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara)
Dec 6, 2012 Holiday Ornaments / Sleeping Beauty Turqoise


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