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how to put on a cuff braceletThe best way to put on a cuff bracelet is to ‘roll’ it on from the inside of the wrist, right above your wrist bone (see illustration). It should be easy to put on and take off in a ‘rolling motion’ rather than a ‘pulling or stressing’ motion. For a quick tip or demonstration, just ask on your next visit to The Indian Craft Shop. Bracelets can fit differently but the main desire is to have them fit comfortably and not be at risk to fall off.


If a bracelet is too snug or loose, it’s best to ask a professional to adjust (we can help in the Shop). Never squeeze or open your bracelet without assistance or the proper experience as you will create a weak point in the silver, and over time, it will break at that weak point.

We recommend having a professional help you but if you would like to try, you can follow the techniques listed below:

  1. If the bracelet has inlaid stones or fine stone settings all the way around the cuff bracelet, it CANNOT be adjusted. If there are some stone settings across the top or a single stone setting, just be sure to cup or support this area with your hands before you start adjusting the sides.
  2. Adjust your braceletTo adjust your bracelet, begin by ‘warming it up’ in your hands, holding it between your fingers and palm, so the silver is not ‘cold’ when you begin adjusting it. Hold the bracelet with the thumb and forefinger placed near the outermost stone or at the lower third section of the bracelet (see illustration). Then apply gentle pressure to the lower portion of the shank only, avoiding any pressure on the center of the bracelet where the setting is.

  3. Do not repeatedly bend/adjust your bracelet. Because silver and gold are soft metals, it is important to adjust once for the best fit so the bracelet can just ‘roll on’ easily each time it is worn.


It’s best to keep your bracelet and other jewelry dry and to avoid all chemicals, including those found in hair sprays and perfumes, soaps, lotions, etc. Zip Lock style jewelry-sized baggies (provided with all purchases at the Shop) are a must for protecting your jewelry when you are not wearing it. Use the baggies for travel, using one bag per piece to prevent jewelry from scratching and stones from getting chipped. These bags are also ideal to prevent tarnishing!

To polish and clean your jewelry, be sure to use only a treated cloth (we recommend the Sunshine Cloth). Avoid dipping or using any silver cleaners or creams. Simply gently rub the silver/metal part of your bracelet with your cloth and avoid rubbing the stone settings. There is no need to worry if you accidentally rub/hit a stone with the cloth – just be sure to focus on the metal.

With proper care of your handmade jewelry and bracelets, you are sure to have your jewelry last a lifetime! Be sure to let us know at the Shop if we can help in any way with the sizing or care tips for your jewelry.

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