Artist Bio: Bryant Martinez (Navajo)

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Bryant Martinez

With a silversmith mother who passed on her tools and her insight, Bryant Martinez was well on his way to becoming an innovative and exciting artist in his own right. Born in To'hajiilee, New Mexico, Bryant's family boasts several silversmiths and he is a third generation artist. His mother assisted his grandmother in silversmithing. Although much of what he knows is self-taught and his mother stopped her own work when Bryant was born, he learned from her as well as other artists, particularly Etta Endito (Navajo), whom he credits with passing on her knowledge and skills.

Bryant Martinez (Navajo)

Bryant states, "Imagination is the start of art." Imagination and ideas flourish with Bryant who combines classic silverwork techniques with striking and innovative designs. His work is 'saw cut' and he takes great pride and satisfaction in his craft, hand cutting his unique designs and adding details before polishing the finished piece. He works both with his own designs as well as those from others, including Kathleen Sanchez (San Felipe). The stones uses are also a source of inspiration and he customizes each piece to compliment the hue, texture, and quality of the materials.

Bryant Martinez (Navajo)

The passion and excitement in his work is unmistakable as well as the importance of honoring his cultural traditions. He is interested in the history and traditions of his people, who are both the Water Edge Clan on his mother's side, and Sage Brush Clan on his father's side. As he has learned from those who came before him, Bryant is interested in passing on his knowledge to new talent and advises, "Love what you do, keep your mind open to any suggestions and keep bettering yourself."


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