Artist Bio: L. Bruce Hodgins (Navajo)

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Bruce Hodgins at Indian Craft Shop

Bruce Hodgins is a master silversmith who is recognized for his distinct designs and high quality metal work. While he is Navajo, he grew up on the Hopi Reservation since his father was a principal at the Second Mesa Day School, giving Bruce the opportunity to gain insight into both cultures. In early adulthood he was given the chance to learn Hopi overlay techniques from well-known jeweler, Sidney Seckakuku, Jr. It wasn't until he attended Northern Arizona University for biology and jewelry making that he began incorporating traditional Navajo techniques and design into his body of work.

Bruce Hodgins - Navajo - at Indian Craft Shop

Bruce has developed a signature style that includes a contemporary flair incorporating traditional Hopi/Navajo processes. His silver work is distinct in its heavy guage and clean lines while his stones are often bevel cut, high polished and set in impressive raised settings. He has won many juried competitions and is often known for using interesting, high grade stones and materials ranging from dinosaur bone, agates and rutilated quartz to the more traditional turquoise and coral. In his free time, Bruce enjoys exploring the great outdoors.

Bolos by Bruce Hodgins - Navajo

"My ideas come from many places", states Bruce, "often I combine traditional with contemporary styles and mix techniques in a subtle way. Our Mother Earth provides many colored stones to use and enjoy and I take advantage of those differences in much of my work."


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